Projects need plans. 

Strategic plan. Where are you going? Yes, obviously you know where you are going. But can you explain people what it looks like? Why it's worth the journey? Practical plan. How do you get there? The destination is clear, but you need to calculate the route, what to pack and who to bring. Visual plan. What does it look like? You need a map to lure them to the treasure. 

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Defining your plan


You know where you are going. But can you explain it?

We meet, I write you a gameplan. I paint a clear picture

of your destination. 


Explaining your plan


The destination is clearly defined. You now need to explain

your plan, to share what it takes to travel to your destination. 


Making your plan


Planning the route towards your destination, what to pack

and who to bring on the journey. I check the boxes, include

the details and make sure that nothing is left unsaid. 


Translating your plan


You need to onboard others to activate your plan. I translate your

plan to a structure. Whether it be in the form of a funding proposal

(EU & NL) a visual presentation, infographic or workflow; whatever

maps works to communicate your plan. 

Urgent collaboration


We’ve all been there; a growing panic made you realize you need help to pull this proposal off. Send me a message with all the dramatic details. The worst that can happen, is that my calendar is full. 

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